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Fresenius Kabi

Frebini Energy Fibre Vanilla Flavour

Frebini Energy Fibre Vanilla Flavour

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Frebini Energy Fibre Vanilla Flavour 200ml Bottle/Carton.

Manufacturer:   Fresenius Kabi

Product Description:
Frebini Energy Fibre Vanilla Flavour is a nutritionally complete, high energy (1.5kal/ml) sip feed designed for children, with a mixed fibre blend (2/3 fermentable and 1/3 non-fermentable fibre). Frebini Energy Fibre is suitable as a nutritional supplement or as a sole source of nutrition for children aged 1 - 10 years (8-30kg in body weight) at risk of malnutrition. It is particularly suitable for children who have increased energy and protein requirements or who are fluid restricted for example children with cystic fibrosis or congenital heart disease.

Frebini Energy Fibre is a flavoured liquid containing protein (milk), fat (MCT, rapeseed oil), carbohydrate (maltodextrin), fibre (inulin, cellulose and wheat dextrin), vitamins, minerals and trace elements. 

    Other Information:

    • Ready to drink
    • Various flavours
    • Gluten free
    • Clinically Lactose free

    The dosage of Frebini Energy Fibre should be calculated by a clinician or dietitian according to individual requirements. As a guide, 1 - 2 bottles (300 - 600Kcal) can be used for supplementary nutrition.


    • Not for parenteral use
    • Not suitable where enteral nutrition is not permitted
    • Not suitable for infants under 1 year of age or adults
    • To be used only under medical supervision

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