Peptamen Junior 400gr Tin


Peptamen Junior 400gr Tin 1 x 400gr tin.

Manufacturer:   Nestle Nutrition

Nestle Comprise a balanced blend of carbohydrate, protein, fat and 31 vitamins and minerals, 100% whey, peptide-based formula. Specially designed for children aged 1-10 years old. Lactose-free and gluten-free, halal certified, vanilla flavour. 


  • Oral supplement and tube feeding
  • Critical illness
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Malabsorption
  • Gut / abdominal surgery
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Pancreatic insufficiency
  • Short bowel syndrome
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Chemo and radio therapy
  • Transition from total parenteral nutrition to enteral nutrition

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