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Need an energy boost that is both nutritious and delicious?

Increase your stamina with these healthy supplementary drinks from Build Up, Complan, Ensure, Nestle and more.

These nutritional health drinks found here at Pharmacy 4 Life are great for the elderly and those with extra nutritional needs.

Nutritional drink supplements such as Fortisip Bottle and Ensure Plus Milkshake, both complete in vitamins , minerals , trace minerals and calories are suitable for diabetic patients or those with elevated sugar levels. It is advised that these ready to drink weight gain drinks are sipped slowly over 20 minuets and blood sugar levels should be monitored regularly. Fortisip Bottle contains 13.4 g of sugar compared to 12.32g as found in Ensure Plus Milkshake. Fortisip Neutral and Ensure Plus Neutral both contain the lowest levels of sugar for patients with extremely high sugar levels.

Juice and Yoghurt based products contain far more sugar than milk based products and should be taken with caution. Milk supplements are a much better choice for diabetic individuals and it should be remembered that a full bottle should not be consumed all at once.